Social Dimensions of Health Certificate (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Certificate in the Social Dimensions of Health

Social Dimensions of Health Certificate Checklist

The interdisciplinary Social Dimensions of Health upper division certificate is designed to enhance students’
  1. Understanding of the sociocultural forces underlying health and illness experiences
  2. Ability to use sociocultural theories and data to analyze health issues
  3. Knowledge of the ways sociocultural variables inform health care delivery, health practices, and health policy


Academic Program Requirements

The certificate is open to all undergraduate majors. A grade of “C” or higher is required in all certificate courses. Similar to other majors/minors/certificates, students must declare their certificate in the SDOH with UMBC in order to receive credit:

Required Courses

  • SOCY 310: Social Stratification and Inequality
  • SOCY 351: Sociology of Health, Illness, and Medicine
  • SOCY/PBHL 354: Social Bases of Public and Community Health

Elective Courses (Choose 2 from the list below)

  • ANTH 312: Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 424: Psychological Anthropology
  • PBHL 350: Public Health Ethics
  • PBHL 380: Global Issues in Health and Disease
  • PBHL 420: Epidemiology
  • SOCY/GWST 332*: Human Sexuality in Sociological Perspective (SOCY/GWST 333 can substitute)
  • SOCY 359/EHS 345: Death and Dying
  • SOCY 374: Drugs and Alcohol in Society
  • SOCY 451: Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior
  • SOCY 458: Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
  • For Spring 2022, two *new* courses can be substituted for electives (SOCY 397: Body & Society and SOCY 315: Population & Society)

For substituting SOCY courses (SOCY/GWST 333, SOCY 315, and SOCY 397 can be substituted for SDOH electives), please contact Dr. Christine Mair:

For more information about the certificate, please contact Dr. Brandy Wallace: