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Campus Resources

Campus Resources/Procedures for Students                                   

  • Academic Success Center (ASC), . The ASC offers tutoring, student skill assistance, academic petitions, academic advocates, and the most up to date information on the fall academic policies.
    • Academic Advocates- Academic advocates are available for students who are experiencing multiple issues related to their academic success. Students can sign up for an appointment directly with an academic advocate, and faculty refer students to the advocates from the link on their website.
  • Career Center, . The Career Center assists students in exploring career paths for UMBC majors, securing internships, and in career/graduate school searches.
  • COVID 19 Retriever Ready, the most current information on UMBC’s COVID-19 response, online learning this fall, and more
  • Counseling Center, The Counseling Center provides confidential counselling sessions, as well as workshops on time management, stress management, and study skills.
  • Degree Audit issues Students put in help tickets through
  • Exceptions to Enrollment Policies through the Registrar – Late drops, late course withdrawals, late semester withdrawals, and Time Conflict:
  • Financial Aid,
  • Graduation,
  • Petitions for academic policy through the ASC -Course Repeats, Late drop/adds
  • Pre-Allied Health Advising is part of the Office of Academic & Pre-Professional Advising (OAPA).
  • Pre-Medical /Pre-Dental Advising,
  • Registration issues – Students put in help tickets through
  • Student Business Services (SBS), . Students should contact SBS for questions regarding tuition costs, billing and refunds, and student financial holds.
  • Transfer course equivalencies, and go to Transfer Services.
  • Verification of Transferability (VOT) for taking courses at another institution and transferring the credits back to UMBC:
    • Advisors only need to be listed to sign the VOT for credits towards the major/minor
    • To determine an equivalent course at a MD community college, students should go to ARTSYS:
    • For courses outside of MD community colleges, students will need a copy of the course syllabus with the Course Equivalency Form.