General Resources

Faculty/Staff Guide

Please contact Cathy McDonnell, 410-455-5936, for a copy of the SAPH Faculty/Staff Guide.

Staff Assistance

Sarah Glorioso, Academic Program Specialist (410-455-3979,
Front Office support, ANTH/SOCY undergraduate program support, SAPH faculty support, Conference room scheduling, Department laptops/equipment, Purchasing/supplies, Back up payroll, Paycheck distribution, Student worker supervision

Kate Hemmis, Graduate Coordinator (410-455-3365,
Graduate program support (BA/MA, GRND, PBC, MA), Graduate advising, Graduate assistantship and Grader assignments, Graduate program events, Website maintenance

Jessica Ren, Business Service Specialist (410-455-2084,
SAPH financial support, SAPH budget, SAPH payroll/hiring, Personnel contracts (adjunct faculty, graduate assistant, student worker, and contingent employee), GA financial matters, SAPH faculty and staff travel coordination, P-card and D-card program supervision, Purchasing oversight, Reimbursements, Sensitive inventory, Vendor contracts, Scholarship/award processing

Cathy McDonnell, Department Coordinator (410-455-5936,
Department Chair support, Recruitment, DPT&C, Department Council and Executive Committee support, Academic program oversight, Administrative Assistant and Program Management Specialist supervision

Melissa Cox, Program Management Specialist (410-455-2074,
PBHL undergraduate program support, PBHL internship support, SAPH course scheduling, SAPH catalog updates, SAPH UGC support

Debbie Sanford, Coordinator of Advising (410-455-3711,
SAPH assistance on student campus referrals (e.g. Career Center, Learning Resources Center, Registrar), SAPH guidance on difficult advising situations, special exceptions, and UMBC academic advising policies and procedures, SAPH suspension/dismissal reviews, SAPH advisor assignments, SAPH guidance on the course equivalency process for current students, SAPH coordination for graduation reviews, PBHL advising load

Questions about who to contact? Ask Cathy McDonnell, 410-455-5936,

Staff Primary Roles 2021

Office Space/Keys

Office: The Department endeavors to make office space available to all full-time and adjunct instructors.  Full-time faculty members are assigned private offices whenever possible, while adjunct faculty typically share office space with others who teach at different times or on different days. Please contact 410-455-3979 with concerns regarding office space.

Keys: All faculty and staff are provided a hard copy key which will provide access to their assigned office space and the Mail/Copy Room. Faculty and staff may use their campus card to access the department hallways (before 8:00am and after 8:00pm) and the department conference room, PUP 204. Please contact 410-455-3979 for PUP 204 access requests.

Shared Spaces

Mail/Copy Room (PUP 253): This space is designated for use by the department. The Mail/Copy Room (PUP 253) is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:00pm. After hours entry provided via hard copy key.

Reading Room (PUP 256): This space is designated for use by the department and its students for meetings and studying. The Reading Room (PUP 256) is open, on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the exception of prescheduled meetings, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:00pm. Please contact 410-455-3979 for Reading Room scheduling requests.

Department Conference Room (PUP 204): This space is designated for use by the department for classes, meetings, and events. Entry provided via campus card. Please contact 410-455-3979 for PUP 204 access and scheduling requests.

Technical Assistance (Computer, Phone, Printer/Copier)

Computer: Please contact 410-455-3979 for assistance with AD access (access to log into a computer and use the networked copy machines) and technical problems.

Phone: Please contact 410-455-3979 for conference phone requests. Please contact Jessica Ren, for long distance code requests.

Printer/Copier: Please contact 410-455-3979 for assistance with technical problems.


Please contact the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) for assistance with Blackboard. Requests can be submitted via RT ticket on the myUMBC homepage.

Photocopy Assistance

Please contact 410-455-3979 for photocopy assistance. Request forms are available in the Mail/Copy Room.

Proctoring Assistance

Please contact 410-455-3979 for a copy of the SAHAP proctoring schedule.

Student Disability Services (SDS)

Please contact the Office of Student Disability Services, for assistance with accommodation services. Instructions and details regarding accommodated test submission can be found online at their website.

Test Grading Services

The Technology Support Center (TSC) provides scantron test scoring services. Information regarding this service can be found online at their website.

Grading Schedule

The grading schedule for the current semester can be found online at the Registrar’s website.

Department Calendar

Please contact 410-455-3979 for calendar access requests and event submissions.


The department has a range of supplies, from exam essay booklets and computer-graded test forms (scantrons), to markers and file folders, available for instructional and administrative use. Please contact 410-455-3979 for assistance with obtaining office supplies and supply order requests.

Equipment Rentals

The department has laptops and DisplayPort adapters for loan. Please contact 410-455-3979 with rental requests.

Textbook Adoptions

Please contact the UMBC Bookstore, for assistance with textbook adoptions. Deadlines and details can be found online at their website. Please contact 410-455-3979 for assistance with desk copy requests.

Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery

The Library Specialist for the department is Joanna Gadsby, 410-455-2358,

Health and Support Services

The Counseling Center: The Counseling Center provides counseling services to UMBC students with a variety of personal, academic, and career concerns. Information regarding their services can be found online at their website.

University Health Services (UHS): University Health Services provides health care and health education services to UMBC students, faculty, and staff. Information regarding their services can be found online at their website.

The Women’s Center: The Women’s Center advances gender equity from an intersectional feminist perspective through co-curricular programming, support services, and advocacy for marginalized individuals and communities. Information regarding their services and mission can be found online at their website.

Special Visitor/Guest Parking Permits (

Please contact 410-455-3979 for assistance with obtaining a visitor guest code.

Facilities and Custodial Services

Please contact 410-455-3979 for facility and custodial requests.

Reimbursements (General)

Please contact Jessica Ren, 410-455-2084, regarding general reimbursements. For reimbursements related to travel, refer to the “Travel Resources” tab.