General Information

Once admitted into the Master’s Program in Applied Sociology, the student will be assigned to a faculty advisor and will receive updates regarding the major via email. To determine who your faculty advisor is or for general questions on the Master’s Program in Applied Sociology, please contact Dr. Dena Smith at

At any point in the semester students can email their advisor directly or arrange a meeting to discuss questions about the program or their academic plan. Contact information for department advisors is listed below.

Advanced Registration Advising

The Department and University send important email communication regarding advanced registration advising each semester.  This includes the date/time at which students can begin registration and notifications of advanced registration appointments. It is important to read such correspondence as the instructions can directly impact your ability to register for classes.

Although graduate students are not required to meet with their advisor each semester, it is highly recommended that they touch base with their advisor to review their progress toward fulfilling the program requirements.

How to Sign Up for an Advanced Registration Advising Appointment:

All current students have an assigned faculty advisor.

In the weeks prior to advanced registration your advisor will send an email with instructions for setting up an advising appointment. Many Department faculty use Google Calendar for advising appointments.

Special notes regarding Google Calendar:

  • Access your advisor’s calendar from your UMBC Gmail account. This allows us to identify your name and academic record in order to prepare for the advising session.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please be sure to email your advisor directly – the Google system does not notify the faculty member if you need to cancel.
  • Prior to setting up an appointment, make sure that your Google Calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time!

Applied Sociology Advisors

Dr. Dena Smith, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
PUP 224

Dr. Marina Adler, Professor
PUP 232

Dr. Brandy Harris-Wallace, Associate Professor
PUP 229

Dr. Aubrey Jackson, Associate Professor & Associate Chair
PUP 214

Dr. Christine Mair, Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Co-Director (SOCY)
PUP 230

Dr. John Schumacher, Professor
PUP 217

Dr. Brian Soller, Associate Professor
PUP 218

Dr. Takashia Yamashita, Professor
PUP 216