Independent Study

An independent study course is one in which the student studies a topic in the department’s areas of focus that is not taught in a regularly scheduled course. Students arrange independent study courses personally with individual faculty members. Most independent study courses consist of one student and one faculty member, but more than one student or instructor may participate in an independent study course.

You should begin by selecting a topic that (1) you wish to study in detail and (2) is not offered in a regularly scheduled course. You should then meet faculty members who are interested in that topic. Please consult the faculty section.

You may not register for an independent study course until a faculty member agrees to be your instructor. Many faculty members teach independent study courses only to students known to them or have other requirements. You and the faculty member should agree on the number of credits you will receive for the course. The faculty member will then authorize you to enroll in the course.

No student may count more than 6 credits of independent study course towards the major or minor. No student may take more than 6 credits of independent study courses with the same faculty member.

Independent study course are SOCY 299, SOCY 399, and SOCY 499 in Sociology; ANTH 399 and ANTH 499 in Anthropology; and PBHL 499 in Public Health. Higher level courses are more demanding. You can count only two independent study courses or internships (graded) towards the Anthropology or Sociology major or minor.