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Recent Research Activity

September 2023, Dr. Jun Chu published a study on “School-Based Health Centers, Access to Care, and Income-Based Disparities” in JAMA Network Open.

August 2023, Dr. Marina Adler and Dr. Tino Schlinzig from ETH Wohnforum in Zurich, concluded a study of nearby Brooklyn conducted by graduate students Molly Finch, David Gilliland, and Markya Reed that analyzed “How Age-friendly is Brooklyn?

July 2023, Dr. Sameera Nayak officially launched the Research on Social Conditions and Health Equity “ROSCHE” lab.

July, 2023, Dr. John Schumacher published a new article: “Developing a Geriatric Emergency Department, People, Processes, and Place.in Clinics in Geriatric Medicine.

June 2023, Dr. Sameera Nayak published an article: “Implementing Integrated Early Childhood Mental Health Services in Primary Care: Relationships, Vision, and Sustainability.” in Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research Health.

May 2023, Dr. Marina Adler published a book: “The Changing Faces of Families: Diverse Family Forms in Various Policy Contexts” 

April 2023, Dr. Christine Mair published a study that examines the effects of widowhood, gender, and social ties on older Chinese adults titled “Widowhood, social networks, and mental health among Chinese older adults: The moderating Effects of gender.” in Frontiers in Psychology – Psychology of Aging. 

March 2023, Dr. Christine Mair published research that examines the later-life experiences of older adults without spouses or children titled “End-of-Life Experiences Among ‘Kinless’ Older Adults: A Nationwide Register-Based Study.” in Journal of Palliative Medicine. 

March 2023, Dr. Sameera Nayak published an article analyzing how well state-level abortion policies reflect public opinion titled “Alignment of state-level policies and public attitudes towards abortion legality and government restrictions on abortion in the United States.” in Social Science and Medicine.

February 2023, Dr. Christine Mair published an article examining the racial and ethnic disparities in stress and coping in areas of high environmental risk titled “Examining Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Coping and Stress Within an Environmental Riskscape.” in Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

February 2023, Dr. Brandy Wallace was awarded Year 3 funding on her project “Trauma Informed Care in Nursing Homes” by the Oregon Community Foundation.


Media Highlights

October 2023, Dr. Christine Mair was featured in The Academic Minute for her research on caring for “kinless” older adults.

June 2023, Dr. Brandy Harris-Wallace and Dr. Christine Mair were featured in the “Retrieving the Social Sciences” Podcast where they discussed the Applied Sociology MA Program.


May 2023, Dr. Christine Mair addressed the aging population captured by the 2020 U.S. Census results in The Baltimore Sun

Last updated on August 10th, 2023