Academic Program Requirements

Major (B.A.)

Required Courses

Total Credits: 32 – These include four required core courses (14 credits) and 18 credits of electives (normally six courses). The student must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses that count toward the major. Pass/Fail courses do not count toward the major. At least 16 major credits must be earned in courses taken at UMBC.

Core Requirements

SOCY 101: Basic Concepts in Sociology (3.00)
SOCY 300: Methodology of Social Research (4.00)∗
SOCY 301: Analysis of Sociological Data (4.00)†
SOCY 409: Sociological Theory (3.00)

∗MATH GEP with a C or better
†SOCY 300 with a C or better & completion of the Statistical Readiness Test (Statistical Readiness Review Guide)

IMPORTANT: Please read our Policy Concerning SOCY 300 & SOCY 301.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete all advanced required courses (SOCY 300, SOCY 301, and SOCY 409) before their last semester at UMBC. These courses should be taken at UMBC.

Elective Requirements

Eighteen credits of sociology or anthropology courses with a grade of “C” or better, excluding SOCY 396 and any other Pass/Fail courses. A maximum of six credits in anthropology may count toward this requirement.

Please refer to the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog for further information on the course description and prerequisites for the courses.

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SOCY Major checklist

Transfer Credits

Students must take at least 16 credits of Sociology courses at UMBC to qualify for the major. Courses taken at other colleges are first examined by the Registrar’s Office for approval for UMBC credit. The department will then determine if a course can count toward the major. Approval of sociology or anthropology courses taken elsewhere for UMBC credit by the registrar does not automatically give it credit towards the major or minor in sociology.

If a student plans to take a class at another college, they should first discuss it with the Registrar and their advisor to be sure that the course will receive credit towards the sociology major or minor at UMBC. Never take the equivalent of SOCY 300, SOCY 301 or SOCY 409 at another college without your advisor’s prior approval. Courses in social service, social work, criminal justice, or religion are not sociology or anthropology courses and will not be given credit.

Please refer to the Registrar’s Office for forms and further information on transferring credits.


Required Courses

Total Credits: 18 – The sociology minor consists of SOCY 101 and 15 credits in elective sociology courses. At least six credits must be at the 300 level or higher, and at least nine credits must be taken at UMBC. A grade of “C” or better is required in each of these courses and no more than one of them may be in anthropology. Pass/Fail courses and SOCY 396 do not count toward the minor.

The minor is also offered at the Shady Grove Campus. Up to 9 credits of the minor may be completed at Montgomery College, through selection of the UMBC equivalent (UMS articulation agreement) sociology classes. Upper-level classes to fulfill the minor will be taken from among sociology course offerings at the Shady Grove Campus.

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SOCY Minor Checklist