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Department Travel Policy

Effective May 1, 2024 (provided funding available)

The department will match the funds provided through the CAHSS Faculty Scholarly Activity Fund (i.e., travel funding).


The Dean’s Faculty Scholarly Activity Fund will match a department’s contribution, up to $1,500, for presenting at a scholarly or professional venue (e.g., serving on a panel as a presenter, discussant, moderator, or chair; presenting a poster; giving an invited lecture; performing or exhibiting creative achievements).

Faculty may elect to allocate up to $500 of the total $1,500 scholarly activity fund for professional service (e.g., as an officer in a professional association, or as an editor for a professional journal) or professional development (e.g., attending a professional conference, participation in a professional development workshop, networking, meeting with book editors, and research collaborations) at a scholarly or professional venue.

The Department will match funds with the CAHSS Dean up to $1,500 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to support travel to professional conferences or workshops where the faculty member is presenting or serving as a discussant, moderator, or chair of a panel or presenting a poster, pending available departmental funds. Consistent with the Dean’s policy, faculty members on sabbatical are eligible for travel support and up to two trips per year may be supported.

To request funds faculty should complete the CAHSS travel request form available on the CAHSS Dean’s website and submit to the Department designee for Departmental approval and processing. Departmental and University travel policies must be followed in arranging travel.

Department Travel Procedures

SAPH Travel Procedures updated 8.26.21

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