Department Mission

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health is a complex, interdisciplinary, and dynamic department with three broad foci: health and aging; gender, inequality, and diversity in global contexts; and applied social science research methods. Our mission is threefold: first, to provide our undergraduate and graduate students with an understanding of the core theories, methods, and substantive issues of our respective disciplines; second, to contribute to the development of knowledge in our disciplines through on-going research and publication; and third, to contribute service to the university, profession, and local community. Our research mission includes the pursuit of external funding to support the research process and to provide research opportunities for students. Our service mission includes fostering the broader UMBC student community’s understandings of culture and the social sciences through general education courses, participating on university committees, and supporting UMBC’s internship and service learning programs. In each of these areas we aspire to be the best.

Our mission supports UMBC’s institutional mission, which is dedicated to promoting a strong liberal arts education, supporting research, with particular strengths in the health sciences, human resources, and public policy, and on-going concern for the role of the institution in the local and regional community.


SAPH Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Each person has a rich personal, social, and intellectual history, one that continues to develop with new experiences. This diversity is part of what we study in the social sciences. It is also what makes a classroom experience and a university education at a place like UMBC so engaging. The Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health is committed to creating an inclusive environment for students of all backgrounds to learn and to thrive. We expect our students to be part of this work. We encourage anyone who has concerns or suggestions to talk with their faculty and advisers.

UMBC Office of Equity and Inclusion