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SOCY Majors: Important updates for SOCY 300 & SOCY 301

Pre-requisites, course permissions, & registration

Dear SOCY Majors,


On behalf of the Undergraduate Program in Sociology, we are writing to update you on what to expect regarding SOCY 300 and SOCY 301. 

 In order to enroll in SOCY 301, students are required to 1) pass SOCY 300, and 2) take the online Statistical Readiness Quiz (SRE) 

 1) SOCY 300:

Permissions for SOCY 301 will be issued for everyone *after* you receive a passing grade in SOCY 300. Students do not need to worry about there being a lack of space in SOCY 301, the Sociology program is aware of exactly how many students are moving through 300 and 301 and we have spaces reserved and waiting for you after you receive a passing grade in SOCY 300. Your advisers cannot issue an early permission and the SOCY 301 instructor cannot issue this permission. This will be done for the group as a whole after the 300 semester ends and grades are submitted.

 2) SRE: 

All students are required to take the online SRE, but they do not need to pass the quizThere is no minimum grade/score requirement for the SRE.  The purpose of this quiz is to allow students to become aware of any gaps in their knowledge andto take time on their own to review those skills prior to taking 301.


If you have any questions about this, please contact your SOCY 300 instructor (if you are currently in SOCY 300) or Amy Barnes, our Administrative Assistant (amyb@umbc.edu; 5-3979).


Brandy Wallace & Christine Mair, Co-Directors of Sociology

Posted: November 7, 2018, 11:51 AM