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REGISTER NOW! SOCY 430/630: Sociology of Aging

This is an undergrad and grad course!


SOCY 430/630

Instructor: Dr. Takashi Yamashita

Time:  Tuesdays from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Location:  PUP 204



The Sociology of Aging provides an overview of processes of aging.  Students examine sociological theories and data to explore the aging individual, the social context of aging, and societal responses to an aging population.  Specific course topics include the demography of aging, biopsychosocial aspects of aging, health and well-being over the life course, changing family roles and living arrangements, and finance in later life.  

Please see attached flyers for more details on each section of this course.

Posted: August 14, 2017, 4:55 PM