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SUMMER COURSE SOCY 321 - Race and Ethnic Relations

Hard discussions in a safe space

Race & Ethnic Relations provides a platform for open and supported discussion about what the country, and often the world, is talking about now. The course focuses on current events and relevant issues, and offers a perspective that will broaden and enlighten your thinking.

Some previous topics of discussion in the course include major court cases (Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardener, and Freddie Gray), the Oscars boycott, skin bleaching,  internalized oppression, and protests on college campuses. 

SOCY 321 - Race and Ethnic Relations

Sociological analysis of the types of minority-majority group relations and the effects of these relationships on society and the groups and the individuals involved. Recommended Preparation: SOCY 101 or ANTH 211. 

Course ID: 56777
Consent: No Special Consent Required
Components: Lecture
Attributes: Social Sciences (GEP), Social Sciences (GFR)
Instructor: Karon Phillips

05/31/2016 - 07/08/2016

TuTh 6:00PM - 9:10PM

Public Policy 206

Posted: May 13, 2016, 9:11 AM