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Taking action with the Real Food Challenge Summit at Hopkins

HAPP major Maura Smith and other UMBC students attend Summit

From February 11th-14th, Hopkins hosted the Real Food Challenge Leadership Summit for schools from Virginia all the way up to Massachusetts to meet and learn about political strategy for campus food policy.

HAPP student Maura Smith and other UMBC students marched to Elijah Cummings' office to ask him to pressure his colleagues into making their stance on the TPP public and thank him for making his own opposition public. A delegation of 6 students was sent into Elijah Cummings' office, including UMBC students Gurleen Ahuja and Thomas Eliason. 

Featured in the picture: From left to right-- Sunny Kim, a leader of Real Food Hopkins, Rebecca Postowski, the outreach intern for Just Food, Maura Smith, HAPP major, Judith Rosenberg, the leader of Real Food Towson, and Clarissa Chen, also a member of Real Food Hopkins. 

Posted: February 23, 2016, 12:37 PM