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Sociology Department | UMBC Mock Trial Recruitment

Hello Sociology, Anthropology and Public Health Students! 

You have an opportunity to join the 2021 American Mock Trial Association National Champions!

In April of 2021, UMBC Mock Trial defeated Yale University to win the 2021 AMTA National Championship. UMBC is the #1 ranked team in the country for collegiate Mock Trial - and now we want you to help us defend our title this year!

Mock Trial is an exciting and dynamic opportunity for Sociology students. By joining Mock Trial, you will join a close-knit group of driven teammates and coaches who will help you learn about the law, become a great public speaker, and prepare for law school or your future career. You'll travel across the country to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, and so many other great places - all paid for by the program! And you'll compete at the best tournaments in the country and help win team and individual awards. There is no better place at UMBC to have a positive and engaging experience than with Mock Trial.

Our last info session is tomorrow, September 14th at 7pm over zoom. We strongly recommend you attend an info session to learn more about the team, how Mock Trial works, and how our tryouts work. If you can’t make it, we also have an info session recording up on our YouTube page. Go to www.UMBCMockTrial.com/tryouts to learn how to register for a tryout, download the tournament packet, and find the Zoom links for each info session.

If you have any questions, email us at UMBCMockTrial@umbc.edu and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 


The UMBC Mock Trial Executive Board

Posted: September 14, 2021, 12:09 PM