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Check out our student presentations from URCAD!

SAPH would like to highlight our 2021 URCAD student presenters! 

Anthropology Students:
  • Camille Blackford - Wellbeing of UMBC Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Mentors Bambi Chapin & Sarah Chard)
  • Kayla Brooks - Decolonizing Natal Care: An Ethnographic Study on Black Birth Work (Mentor Bambi Chapin)
  • Maryam Elhabashy - Cupping and Wellness Among Muslim Women Living in America (Mentor Sarah Chard)
  • Kristina Han - Hype Sneakers: Reselling Culture on the Internet (Mentor Bambi Chapin)
  • Elle Kreiner - Memento Mori (Mentor Bambi Chapin)
HAPP Students:
  • Chidera Osuigwe - Social Determinants of Maternal Health Among Low-Income Mothers in Maryland (Mentors Inaya Wahid & Jennifer Callaghan-Koru)
  • Margaret Williams -Effective Off-Label Use of Schedule I Drugs for PTSD Use (Mentor Andrea Kalfoglou)

ANTH & HAPP Double Major:
  • Andy Dove - Social Support and Physical Activity among Older Adults: The Role of the Community Center (Mentor Sarah Chard)

Posted: April 22, 2021, 11:53 AM