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Sameera Shukanta Nayak

Sameera Shukanta Nayak

Assistant Professor

Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health

Public Policy 219


Ph D Northeastern University 2022

MA Columbia University’s Teacher College 2017

BA UCLA, 2014


Dr. Sameera Nayak is a mixed methods public health researcher who investigates the association between social conditions and health inequities to better understand the health and experiences of marginalized and oppressed populations worldwide. Her research is cross-cutting, and her work has spanned immigrant health, legal status, social, political, and structural determinants of health, and mental health systems. Her current projects focus on the health of undocumented immigrants from Asian countries who reside in the U.S., political partisan polarization and illness, abortion attitudes, and intersections between immigration status & other facets of discrimination.

Research Interests

Immigrant health; Legal status; Political and political determinants of health; Social epidemiology; Mental health; Reproductive health; Undocumented Asian immigrants

Teaching Interests

Epidemiology; Social determinants of health; Migration and health; Health and human rights

Selected Classes

  • Fall 2022 PBHL 354 – Soc Bases:Publ/Comm Hlth

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Nayak, Sameera (Principal). “Associations between the U.S. Immigration Policy Climate and Domestic Violence Survivors and Systems: A Mixed–Methods Study,” Grant Sponsored By: Boston Area Research Initiative. (Jan 1, 2021 – Dec 31, 2022).

Nayak, Sameera (Principal). “Beyond the Binary: Immigrant Health and Well-Being Across the Status Continuum,” Fellowship (Funded). Sponsored By: Summer Research Faculty Fellowship. (May 1, 2023 –

Intellectual Contributions

Scoglio, Arielle, Nayak, Sameera. (2023). Alignment of state-level policies and public attitudes towards abortion legality and government restrictions on abortion in the United States. 320 115724 Social Science and Medicine.

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