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Concerning the New Requirements, Effective January 1, 2017

Changes to the GPA Requirements
  • Is the 2.5 GPA a requirement for the major GPA or UMBC cumulative GPA? — It is a cumulative GPA requirement.
  • What happens if I fall below the required GPA?You will receive notification that your GPA has fallen below the 2.5 cumulative GPA required for HAPP. If this is your first notification, you will need to raise your cumulative GPA above 2.5 next semester in order to remain in HAPP. If this is your second consecutive notification, you will no longer be permitted to remain a HAPP major and must speak with someone regarding other major options.
How to Change From the Current to the New Requirements
  • I am currently following the old HAPP academic program, can I switch to the new program?Yes, you can, and you should discuss the pros and cons of switching requirements with your advisor. University policy states that once a student changes to a new curriculum, the student cannot return to the previous one.
  • How do I switch to the new requirements? — Discuss this with your academic advisor when you next meet with him/her.
How to Change Current Major to HAPP
  • How do I change to the current requirements? — Effective January 1, 2017, students will need a cumulative 2.5 GPA to change to HAPP. If you meet this requirement, you should make an appointment with our Coordinator of Advising, Debbie Sanford. 
Changes to HAPP Dual Programs
  • If I’m in the new program can I still enter into the BA/MA with sociology? — Yes, refer to the BA/MA requirements and make an appointment to discuss with your advisor.
  • If I’m in the new program can I still use courses to enter into the BA/MPP? Yes, refer to the BA/MPP requirements and make an appointment to discuss with your advisor.
  • Is there a new program for the HAPP/SOWK major? — Yes, see the course listing for HAPP/SOWK double major.
Changes to the Internship
  • Why is the required internship now a 6 credit course? — The new internship course integrates components of the previous internship (5 credits) and the internship seminar (1 credit), for a total of 6 credits.
  • How do I register for an internship and what are the internship deadlines and important dates? — Please refer to our “Internships” tab
  • How can I find out more information about the internship orientation sessions? — Eligible students are sent emails and flyers are distributed posted on groups and within the department.  
Changes to the Curriculum
  • How do I find a list of HAPP courses that can be used towards the electives in the program? — All of the HAPP courses are listed in the undergraduate catalog and every semester you can see which will be offered by looking in the schedule of classes. You can use any HAPP course as an elective, except the ones in the core and your track.
  • I am in the new academic program, I have already taken ENG 393, do I still need to take HAPP 340? — No you may use either ENGL 393 or HAPP 340.
  • ENGL 393 is Writing Intensive (WI). If I choose to take HAPP 340 instead for the HAPP core, will that fulfill my Writing Intense requirement for the university? No, HAPP 340 is not WI. You can check the schedule of classes for WI courses offered each semester.
  • I am in the old program and I need to take HAPP 412. It has a requirement of 2.5 GPA.  What do I do if my GPA is less than 2.5? — You must raise your GPA over a 2.5. You can make an appointment with your advisor if you would like to discuss strategies to try to improve your GPA.
  • If I switch from the old program to the new and I have already taken HAPP 200 as part of my track, will it count towards my core requirement instead? — Yes.
  • If I’m in the new program can I still use my Natural Science courses from my Biology major for HAPP elective requirements? — BIOL 251 is the only science that can be used to fulfill a HAPP elective course in the new requirements.
  • I am not sure what track to take? What do I do? — Make an appointment to discuss with your advisor.
Career and Resume Help
  • Where can I find out more information about scholarships and awards? — The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers an Undergraduate Scholarship Program. You may also refer to our “Awards” tab for more information on department awards.