Academic Program Requirements

Required Courses

A total of four courses are required to complete the certificate program. A grade of a “B” or higher must be earned in the four required courses for the certificate. A prerequisite for all courses is admission to the certificate program or the M.A. program in Applied Sociology. Other prerequisites may apply for individual courses.

SOCY 681: The Social and Institutional Roles of Nonprofit Organizations in American Society. (3.00)
This course describes the history, organization, and functions of nonprofit organizations in American society. Topics include the functions of the nonprofit, government, and for-profit sectors; the history of the social roles of volunteerism and nonprofit organizations; the impact of nonprofit organizations on American society, and the changing roles of the three sectors in the 21st century.
This course is offered in the fall semester.

SOCY 685: Structure and Function of Nonprofit Organizations. (3.00)
This course analyzes the internal operations of nonprofit organizations and external relationships that nonprofit organizations need to develop. Topics include nonprofit financial systems, budgeting requirements, relationships with the funding community, interactions with government, and effective use of human resources.
This course is offered in the spring semester.

Additional Course Requirements

One three-credit graduate course in social research methods or statistics (choose one):

  • SOCY 600: Research Methodology (3.00)
    Prerequisite: An undergraduate course in statistics in any department in any college.
  • SOCY 604: Statistical Analysis (3.00)
    Prerequisite: SOCY 600
  • SOCY 618: SAS for Social Scientists (3.00)
  • SOCY 619: Qualitative Methods in Social Research (3.00)

One three-credit graduate course in a substantive area of sociology. All sociology graduate courses in substantive areas of sociology qualify.